Thursday, 10 November 2016

Coord Thursdays: "A Pirate Life For Me..Arrrrr!"

What would it be like to be a pirate? Well, I am pretty sure that it is not all fun and rock'n'roll. More like blood, sweat and loots. Let's imagine for a moment that we can pick and choose the good bits and leave the unsavory ones behind. Sailing the seven seas to new adventures, looking for buried treasures but never loot people at gun point. Feasting and drinking to celebrate and set off to more adventures as a new day begins, on board of a magnificent galleon of course.

And what would I wear in this "Disneyfied" pirate reality of mine? I would wear pirate & gothic lolita!  Not very practical you say? Well, my fantasy world, my rule arrrrrr! ^_^

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Coord Thursdays: "Guy Fawkes Night 2016"

Every year, on the 5th of November, we gather around a bonfire and/or watch fireworks to commemorate the infamous Guy Fawkes; or more precisely a failed coup (Gunpowder Plot) against parliament. 

I just found out that my father-in-law to be has invited us to come and watch his village's fireworks display. Prior to the festivities, we will be grabbing some tea at his. It should make for a nice occasion and impromptu family gathering. Time for last minute preparations and a Coord Thursdays

I chose to wear my Cinema Doll JSK on the night! 

Friday, 7 October 2016

❇🌙 Coordinating Angelic Pretty's Celestial Skirt | Navy Colourway 🌜❇

You may know by now that, apart from strawberries and chocolate, my lolita fashion wardrobe is mainly dark and gothic. So when I set my lolita heart on a piece which is "out of character", it gives me the extra challenge to make it work. In most cases, it means that I will have to acquire few items that will be specific to this coordinate.

However, I try to juggle it all by also adding elements which I already own, trying keep my expenses to a minimum if it can be helped. 

Monday, 3 October 2016

✨👑 Reviewing Angelic Pretty's Princess Long petticoat / Underskirt 👑✨

I am 5'7 which can make wearing lolita fashion a little tricky. Especially as I prefer my dresses to be knee length or mid calf, depending on the style and design. A lot of my dresses, except from the ones which are designed to be tea length, don't meet my requirements so I usually wear an underskirt. I actually love the look of underskirts and the layering effect that they create. So lavish!

Until now, Little Dipper as well as Peacockalorum have been my go to brand when it comes to underskirts. Both brands provide quality custom sized items at super affordable prices. I love the chiffon fabrics that they use as well as the simplicity of plain frills. However, this time I needed something a little more intricate, something a little more opulent in order to match my newly acquired Princess Cat OP and Tiered JSK in lavender. No brand does lavish and opulence better than Angelic Pretty in my humble opinion so there I was, browsing their international website for an underskirt. There I found what I was looking for: Princess Long petticoat/underskirt in black

Friday, 19 August 2016

✨ Tenshi Shop Review Mbok Auctions | Unboxing ✨

I've been using Tenshi Shop services for a little while and thought that now might be a good time to write up a little review! 

They offer three type of services: 
1) In Store shopping.
2) Auction Site shopping.
3) Online shopping.

So far, I've only used the auction site shopping service. More precisely Mbok auction site as it can be a goldmine for rare items and bargains. And many bargains I had! 

Monday, 30 May 2016

We Are Now On Bloglovin!

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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Reflecting On My Last Etsy Review: Bespoke vs Mass Produced Designs

WTF Indie Brands!

I won't hide the fact that I felt rather angry when I eventually got to see the Moon Crescent Choker sold by The Crypt of Curiosities in real life. You could say that an opinion based on emotions can never be totally impartial. However, marketing tycoons would tell you that PR campaigns are designed to tap into our emotions, not our logic. Most non-necessaries, such as fashion items, are purchased on an emotion, an impulse. Consumers are encouraged to build emotional ties with brands.

In recent years many small indie brands have taken by storm the social media platforms, helped by social media born "personalities" (sponsorship) and created for themselves a hard core following to the point of even acquiring a cult status. The sign of changing times. The advent of a new breed of consumers increasingly becoming disenchanted by mass consumerism and big corporate brands. Totally revolutionary if you ask me! However, I am starting to question this phenomenon since I found that the irrational collective obsessional behavior generated by professionally engineered corporate PR campaigns with multi million pounds budgets is not so different to the more organic "mass obsession" surrounding social media born indie brands.